TBZE Solidpump in tunnel construction application

Submersible pumps used for underground dewatering jobs have to be robust and reliable, as well as simple to operate.
Solidpump proudly provides this combination to customers.
TBZE series Solidpump intelligent submersible pumps working at one of the tunnel construction sites (shown on the photos below) allow autonomous operation with minimal involvement of maintenance personnel.
The pump starts and stops operation automatically depending on the level of water by use of an electrode fixed on the pump. The TBZE intelligent control system integrated into the pump’s body also protects the pump against reverse phase, against open phase or impeller jam and stops the pump in case of overload, abnormal voltage. The TBZE intelligent control system also allows rapid assessment of the pump’s operation and malfunction history. It is also possible to adjust the height of the electrode position, thus making pump operation and control even more flexible.
Pump casing made of rigid cast iron and impeller made of high chrome alloy provide for reliable operation in tough environment, pumping contaminated and abrasive medium.
Please do not hesitate to contact us or your local distributor to get additional information.
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