Solidpump slurry wall application

Solidpump equipment is widely used on construction sites of CRCC Corporation, that is one of the largest construction and engineering companies in China.
Here you can see Solidpump 200TBS15 pump operating on underground construction site, where “slurry wall” civil engineering technique is used. While a trench is excavated to create a form for a wall, it is simultaneously filled with slurry (a mixture of bentonite and water). The dense but liquid slurry prevents the trench from collapsing by providing outward pressure, which balances the inward hydraulic forces and also retards water flow into the trench.
In this case, Solidpump 200TBS15 submersible slurry pump is used to evacuate bentonite slurry, working submerged at up to 25 m. depth. Operating in such conditions, it is important for a pump to be able to handle slurry, to be comprised of durable materials, but also to have reliable mechanical seal. Solidpump TBS-series submersible slurry pumps meet all these requirements!
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